Crane-fighting (valve) uhlovoy 90 ° with diameter conditional passage 60 mm IZ cast iron ET-20 and soedynytelnm perform clutch-hoe.

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Fire valves (faucets) corner 90 ° with orifice diameter of 60 mm midrange iron 20 and the connecting clutch performance-hoe.
Fire hydrants installed in internal fire water supply of residential houses, public institutions, office buildings, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. and is used to control the water supply temperature to 50 ° C and operating pressure of 1.6 MPa (16 khsm2) on tap.

Options plugs Standards
Working pressure, MPa 1,6
Operating environment Wather
The maximum temperature of the working environment 50°С
The direction of rotation of the flywheel-speed bullet 5
Shutter Seals Rubber
The direction of water Unilateral
Conditional pass  D 65
Weight, kg  

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