Stands under fire hydrants

Everyone understands how important fire hydrants play in fire protection matters. Only when there is a question about installing a fire hydrant, then few people understand that an important component of this equipment is precisely the stand for the hydrant. What is this element and why is it so important when installing fire fighting equipment?

A fire stand is a part of the existing pipeline required for a high-quality hydrant installation. According to the requirements of GOST, the position of the fire hydrant for its high-quality work should only be strictly vertical. It is the stand that is used to ensure the correct position of the hydrant.

Thus, the fire stand acts as a base for a hydrant, and is also an important component of equipment, the function of which is to divide the total flow of water. This is due to the bends, of which there can be up to four in the stand. Depending on the connection to the pipeline, the support can be welded or flanged.

Flanged fire stand

Most often, a flange fire stand is still used as the base of the hydrant. Flanges are used to connect it to the pipeline and fire hydrant. There are four types of such supports, depending on the number of bends – one-sided, two-sided, tee and cruciform.

When there is a question about buying a fire stand, you should pay attention to the type of part and its dimensions. Moreover, it should be understood that the size of the stand directly depends on the size of the fire hydrant itself. The number of stand bends is selected based on the location of the fire-fighting equipment and on the requirements of fire safety techniques. It is often necessary to install a support with several outlets so that firefighters can connect additional fire hoses if necessary.

Today, the fire stand can be made of durable steel or cast iron. Moreover, it is the cast iron fire stand that is more popular, since this material is distinguished not only by high strength indicators, but also managed to show itself as durable.

Twice a year, when the fire fighting equipment is inspected, the fire stand should also be inspected for defects and damage. Particular attention should be paid to the fastening elements in order to exclude water leaks.

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