“Patar” is a modern foundry with a full production cycle, starting from the preparation of metallurgical raw materials and ending with the manufacture of products from ferrous and nonferrous metals. Production capacity is about 10 thousand tons of foundry products per year. Today the company employs about 230 people. The main consumers of our products are enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Moldova and Uzbekistan. In addition to serial products, we accept orders for the manufacture of castings according to customer drawings. Own production allows to make details of any form and complexity. We guarantee a high level of quality of our products.

Main activities

  • Production of castings according to drawings of the customer
  • Production of fire-fighting equipment:
  • Underground fire hydrants
  • Stands under fire hydrants
  • Fittings for fire hydrants
  • Production of equipment for engineering networks:
  • Manholes
  • Fittings for manhole
  • Manhole covers for gas and water
  • Various fittings products

Advantages of the company

  • The production capacity of "Patar" is about 10 thousand tons of foundries per year. We produce castings weighing from 1 kg to 3,500 kg.
  • The company employs about 150 people.
  • Our products meet the requirements of DSTU (GOST), which is confirmed by the relevant quality certificates.
  • We provide warranty obligations for the entire range of foundry products.
  • All products are tested for quality in our own certified laboratory.
  • We accept orders for the production of castings according to drawings and sketches of the customer. Own production allows to make details of any form and complexity.
  • We have a flexible system of discounts, each order is calculated individually. The price depends on the volume of the order, the complexity of the castings, urgency, etc.

Production base

Molding equipment

  1. Molding line for the production of sand-clay molds of the brand Georg Fischer (Germany) with PLC-control system and dimensions of crucibles 600x700x300 / 300 mm; line productivity – up to 60 forms per hour.
  2. Webac mix preparation line (Germany) with Speedmullor 88B sand mixer; productive capacity – up to 25 tons per year.
  3. Forming machines of the MALCUS brand type SPL-500 with the size of crucibles is 400x500x200 mm; productivity – up to 6 forms per hour;
  4. Forming machines of the MALCUS brand type SPO-500 with the size of crucibles is 600x700x300 mm; productivity – up to 9 forms per hour.
  5. M2211 and 233T forming machines (for forming medium and small parts).
* For large non-standard parts, in addition to machine, also used manual molding.

Melting equipment

  1. Induction crucible furnaces manufactured by OAO INDUCTOR (Novozybkov, Russia) type ICT-1, 0 and ICT-2, 5 (for serial production), productivity – up to 1 and 2.5 tons per hour.
  2. Arc steelmaking furnace DSP-0, 5 (for filling single parts).
  3. Medium-frequency induction melting furnace of the brand Inductotherm (England), type – VIP 750 POWER-TRAK; productivity – up to 3 tons of castings per hour.
  4. Westofen industrial crucible (Germany), type – Woss 10 OEL.

Rod equipment

  1. Rod automatic machine of the ROPER brand (Germany), type – H 16-CO-CB / 8.
  2. Rod automatic model 4749 A.

Cutting and cleaning equipment

  1. Drum shredders model 42223 (for mass processing of small and medium casting).
  2. Large model 42534 shot blade (for processing large cast parts).

Model and opal department

The model-and-branch department allows to make models of details from a tree, plastic, pig-iron and steel; based on the latest chemical and technological developments.

Mecha-turning equipment

Mechanical turning equipment includes six-spindle lathes and lathes, radial drilling, horizontal and vertical drilling, milling, grinding and screw-cutting. Allows to process details of various complexity of execution.


Quality control

Basic stages of quality control

  1. Input control – visual and instrumental control of materials and raw materials entering production.
  2. Operational control – is carried out at the stage of filling parts to control the quality of the chemical composition of foundries.
  3. Initial control – is carried out at the final stage of production of the finished product before it arrives at the warehouse for further sale to the party. It is provided by carrying out test works on specially equipped hydraulic stands or stands for check of durability and weight loading.

Optical emission spectrometer “Foundry-Master” (Germany) is used for chemical quality control of products, which allows to determine the chemical composition of finished products as accurately as possible.

Company details

Head Sich Mykola Serhiiovych
Legal address 33024, Rivne, street Mlynivska, 23-B
Mailing Address 33024, Rivne, street Mlynivska, 23-B
Multi-channel tel./fax +38 0362 22-21-12
Email address sales@patar.com
Internet address http://www.patar.com/
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