Downpour receiver

Storm water inlet road

Road rainwater inlet – during the construction of any object, there is a need for the installation of underground engineering networks, including drainage. This system must divert ground and surface water outside the construction site in order to prevent the occurrence of dangerous geological processes such as flooding and flooding. For the removal of atmospheric water, a number of structures are used, among which a storm receiver occupies an important place.

The downpour itself can be made of various materials, but it is the cast-iron storm inlets that are very popular today. This material allows you to extend the life of any sewer system. Most often, it is road rainwater collectors that are made of cast iron, since this material is able to withstand large mechanical loads from transport. Today it is not difficult to buy a rainwater receiver, since there are a number of good manufacturers engaged in such activities, and at affordable prices.

Cast iron rainwater receivers

What are the advantages of cast iron shower collectors in comparison with products made of other materials? Firstly, only such rainwater collectors can be installed on city highways where heavy traffic is foreseen. They are installed on sinkholes. Such structures are capable of withstanding loads of 2 tons and more. Also, cast iron is distinguished by its resistance to aggressive action of water and constant temperature drops.

Thus, if there is a question of installing a rainwater receiver in an area of ​​heavy traffic, then it is best to stop at cast iron products. This solution will extend the service life of the structure for many years. Today you can order cast iron stormwater collectors in one of the most popular companies “Patar”, which manufactures products from high-quality cast iron. In addition, it is here that you have the opportunity to order a product according to your own drawing.

According to the requirements specified in the regulatory documents, road rainwater collectors must be made of strong material that is able to withstand mechanical loads from transport, and also not to lose its properties during temperature extremes and under the constant influence of water. Therefore, it is cast iron storm water inlets that are most often installed on the roads.

Along with surface water, foreign objects can also get into the drainage system – leaves, stones, debris, etc. All these objects can clog the pipelines, and accordingly interfere with the system’s proper functioning. Therefore, a very important component here is the storm grating, which does not allow foreign objects to enter the drainage system.

Storm water inlets to buy and pick up

In order for the system to function correctly, it is necessary to choose the right storm water inlets. To do this, you need to take into account several factors. We are talking about the intensity of precipitation and the amount of water that will need to be diverted from the survey area. Also, an important fact is the area of ​​the territory itself and the storm sewer. The terrain should not be overlooked either. In most cases, horizontal pipelines are installed at an angle so that all the collected water can unauthorizedly move outside the site. And only then can you buy a storm water inlet that suits you.

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