Manhole cover

A small-sized hatch or carpets for water and gas performs the same function as a sewer hatch cover. Protects the system from unauthorized burglary, the ingress of unnecessary substances, serves as an anti-corrosion barrier for the system.

It is a small-diameter cylinder with special holes.

Water Carpet – A water hatch that protects the water supply system. Helps personnel to quickly reach critical cranes and assemblies by protecting valves from dirt and debris. A breakthrough blocked in time saves time to eliminate breakdowns, resources and reduces the scale of destruction.

The gas carpet is installed to make maintenance of the gas supply system simple and convenient for staff. Such a hatch is used in places where condensate accumulates, taking into account the location of valves and gas taps. Thanks to the carpet, the gas reaches its destination in a safe way.

The main functions of a gas carpet:

– Promotes the laying of gas communications underground.

– The system can be repaired without hindrance.

– The main anti-corrosion shield of the gas supply system.

– Protects the system from unauthorized access and burglars from the consequences of penetration into the gas supply system.

Cast iron carpet is a time-tested component. It is installed on a concrete base and serves for many years. Carpets exist in other varieties, not only cast iron. When using alternatives, the styling cushion can also vary in composition.

8 reasons to choose quality carpets for water and gas

– An unexpected breakthrough in the system forces us to act quickly. Carpets keep important valves and wiring in excellent condition, with them it is convenient to find the right tap and shut off the flow.

– Cast carpets last longer, they do not need to be replaced, they do not rust.

– Maintenance of cast-iron carpets is practically necessary.

– You will definitely be confident in the safety of important gas and water supply systems. At least one valve in an open state is a temptation for vandals and the prospect of disaster.

– Brings up order in the water and gas distribution system.

– Relieves responsible persons from problems with maintenance and replacement.

– Facilitates access to critical taps and valves.

– The price-quality ratio is optimal.

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