Manhole covers

The use of sewer hatches has long become commonplace, and they are used in the arrangement of any underground utilities. Sewer hatches perform not only protective functions, but also several others, which will be discussed in this article.

Sewer hatch

There are many models of manholes for outdoor sewerage, and they all differ in shape, size and performance. Before choosing a sewer hatch, it is necessary to clearly formulate the requirements for this element of the sewage system.
The range of manholes includes:

Light hatches (Type L) – load class A15 (1.5 tons) – recommended installation location: green space and pedestrian zone.

Middle hatches (Type C) – load class B125 (12.5 tons) – installation location: parking lots, sidewalks and the roadway of city parks. We recommend installing this hatch in the yards of multi-storey buildings, cottage townships, on rural streets.

Heavy hatches (Type T) – load class C25 (25 tons) – recommended installation location: urban highways with heavy traffic

Heavy main hatches (Type TM) – navanennya class D400 (40 tons) – recommended installation location: main highway

All these types of sewer manholes are produced by our receptionist in the city of Rivne. There is also delivery throughout Ukraine and other countries.

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