Foundry production "Patar"

Patar is a modern foundry with a full production cycle, from the preparation of metallurgical raw materials to the manufacture of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The production capacity is about 10 thousand tons of foundry products per year. Own production allows to make details of any form and complexity. We guarantee a high level of quality of our products.

Our products:

Hydrants from cast iron and the capital, in accordance  standards.

Cast iron hatches for all needs, all load classes.

High-quality rain sewerage of all load classes and various forms.

Rubber wedge latches of all popular diameters.

Crosspieces, pipes, tees and everything you need.

Quality products for important moments.

Covers for water and gas from the manufacturer.

Areas of activity of the enterprise

 “Patar” is engaged in the serial production of equipment for utilities and firefighting equipment, as well as the manufacture of castings to order and for individual needs. The production cycle of the enterprise is complete. That is, the company prepares raw materials on its own, and only then produces products from various metals. This approach allows customers to count on reasonable prices. The powerful capabilities of the company, which is about ten thousand tons per year, allow the company to cooperate not only with domestic companies but also with companies from other countries. The production capacity of the enterprise will allow to produce any metal parts from one kilogram to three and a half tons. Among other advantages, it should be noted that the company’s products meet the requirements of DSTU, as evidenced by the relevant quality certificates. In addition, the company has its own certified laboratory that checks the quality of all products

Casting for your needs

You need a drawing or example of what you need to make. Our engineers will help you get the desired result with consistently high quality.

Company production base

The company operates with the help of modern European equipment from leading manufacturers. In particular, the molding equipment of the German companies Georg Fischer, Webac and the MALCUS brand is used. The smelting equipment was purchased from the Russian company INDUCTOR, the English Inductotherm and the German Westofen. All other equipment was also selected responsibly from the world’s best manufacturers. On this equipment I will smelt the highest quality fire hydrants and supports under them, accessories for installation and repair of hydrants, sewer hatches, accessories to wells, fire hydrants and many other products. All products go through several stages of quality control, including chemical.

All according to standards

Our products meet the requirements of DSTU (GOST) and are certified.

Flexible discount system

The price depends on the volume of the order, the complexity of the castings, urgency, etc.

We produce everything you need

Own production allows to make products of high complexity.

High quality control system

All products pass quality control in our own certified laboratory.

Certificates and licenses

All of the company’s products are certified and meet all requirements. We control all products with the help of our own modern laboratory.