Cast iron fittings

Fittings are created to connect together a complex multi-stage water supply system. Thanks to the shaped parts, it can easily change the angle of inclination by plumbing, can branch out, go into a thinner or wider diameter.

In addition to the function of transitions, fittings or fittings serve as a connection between pipes, make the water supply hermetic, and the water supply system easy to use. Modern plumbing systems are more complex than the original rectangular counterparts, so fittings are indispensable.

The main types of fittings

– The steel branch pipe serves as a connecting link between pipes of different diameters. An integral part of any pipeline. Allows you to install communications, supplies to meters and compensate for the difference in pressure.

– A more durable analogue of a steel cast-iron branch pipe is used in sewer systems for various purposes of domestic and industrial types. Provides a smooth transition between different parts of the pipeline. Due to its anti-corrosion properties, it lasts longer than steel counterparts.

– Flanged transition looks like a funnel, watering can.

– Tee flanged cast iron, serves as the basis for wiring the liquid in the desired direction.

– Cast iron flanged crosspiece is a reliable way to connect pipes into a single system.

Plumbing science is designed to consider a huge number of factors when creating a water supply system. Differences in pressure, different directions of movement, filtration system, pipe bends are just a few of the important nuances.

Therefore, the choice of high-quality components for creating a water supply system determines the life of the system as a whole. Cast iron products will allow you not to worry about the state of water supply or drainage into the sewage system. The strength and resistance to corrosion of cast iron leaves it a favorite among analogues. The use of propylene pipes is possible, but it is worth considering the specifics of use. Not every plastic pipe can handle a lot of stress.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing fittings

– The reputation of the manufacturer.

– Compliance with GOST.

– Base material.

– Casting as a way to guarantee strength and long service life. The welded parts cannot boast the same quality as the solid cast iron parts.

– Terms of cooperation.

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