Fire valve

Fire crane

Fire crane – fire fighting equipment is the most important component of every building, regardless of its purpose. We know many options for fire-fighting equipment, as well as auxiliary elements. One of these components is the GOST fire hydrant, which can be seen on almost every staircase in administrative and industrial buildings.

A fire hydrant is a kit designed to fight a fire. It is installed on the water supply system, and the water supply is regulated using a special valve, which plays the role of equipment shut-off valves. In addition to the valve, the fire hydrant also includes a barrel, a fire hose and a box.The configuration of the cranes can also be different – straight-through or angular. Moreover, the angle of the fire tap can be 125 or 90 degrees. Special equipment is connected to the crane by means of a coupling or pin connection with a thread inside or outside.

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