Moulding Equipment

    1. Moulding line Georg Fischer (Germany) with PLC-control system and the size of flasks 600x700x300/300 mm
      production capacity — up to 60 plates per hour.
    2. Sand-preparation line with Webac (Germany) with a mixer for sand marks Speedmullor 88B; productive capacity — up to 25 tons per year.
    3. Moulding machines MALCUS (for moulding of large products):
      • – Type SPL-500 flasks size 400x500x200 mm; performance — up to 6 plates per hour;
      • – Type SPO-500 flasks with size 600x700x300 mm; performance — up to 9 plates per hour.
    4. Moulding machine type M2211 and 233T (for moulding medium and small parts).

* For large non-standard parts, except the machine is used as a manual molding.

Melting equipment

  1. Induction furnace production of JSC “Inductor” (Novozybkiv, Russia)
    type-1, 0 and type-2, 5 (for mass production) capacity — up to 1 and 2.5 tons per hour.
  2. Arc Furnace DSP-0, 5 (for filling individual parts).
  3. Medium frequency induction melting furnace Inductotherm (England), type — VIP 750 POWER-TRAK; performance — up to 3 tons casting per hour.
  4. Industrial Crucible melting furnace brand Westofen (Germany), type — Woss 10 OEL.


  1. Core shooter mark ROPER (Germany), type — H 16-CO-CB / 8.
  2. Core shooter model 4749 A.

Finishing and grinding equipment

  1. Shot blasting machine 42223 (for mass processing of small and medium casting).
  2. Shot blasting machine 42534 (for processing large cast parts).

Pattern making department

We are producing patterns from different materials like wood, plastic, iron and steel; based on the latest chemical and technological developments.

Working shop

Includes Lathes and Turning radial drill, horizontal and vertical drill, milling, grinding and threading. Allows you to process parts of different complexity.